Title Date Coordinator’s Name
The Management Development Programme on “Marketing of Milk and Milk Products” was conducted in the premises of NDDB, Anand
7 – 9 February, 2017 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
“Developing Managerial Decision making Skills for Marketing Co-operatives” jointly hosted by CICTAB and KSRM 7 – 10 September, 2016 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
International Programme on Financial Inclusion 7 – 9 January, 2016 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Programme on Developing Managerial Decision Making Skills for Marketing Cooperatives 12 -15 October, 2015 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Programme on Bench Marking Micro Finance and Micro Enterprise Practices in Cooperatives Jointly hosted by NCUI-VAMNICOM-KIIT-CICTAB 10 – 13 November,2014 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
MDP on Improving Managerial Effectiveness for PVP Participants – Tamil Nadu, PhaseI-VI 24th Feb – 1st March,201424th to 29th March, 201431st March to 5th April, 20147th to 12th April, 20145th to 10th May, 201412th to 17th May, 2014 Prof H.S.Ganesha
LGAF Workshop and Piloting Data Synchronization 28th to 29th June, 2014 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Meeting of Experts Sub Committee on Women Technology Park 27th to 28th March, 2014 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
MDP on Improving Managerial Effectiveness for Middle Level and Developing Managers 24th February to 1st March, 2014 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Defining Agenda for Change for NHDC” 13th to 15th February, 2014 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Making Multi-Stakeholder/Multi-Sector Partnership (MSP) Work for Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project (OSFDP) IInd Phase 15th -17th January 2014 Prof. L.K.Vaswani & Prof.Sumita Sindhi
Value Chain Development for Andhra Pradesh Rural Inclusive Growth Project (APRIGP) 5th -9th November 2013 Prof. L.K.Vaswani & Prof. Ajith P.
Making Multi-Stakeholder/Multi-Sector Partnership (MSP) Work for Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project (OSFDP) Ist Phase 23rd Sept-25th Sept 2013 Prof. L.K.Vaswani & Prof.Sumita Sindhi
CSR Partnerships Training Workshop for NGOs and Social Enterprises 22nd & 23rd May,2013 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Sustainable Development for Mahanadi Coalfields Limited, Sambalpur, Odisha 22nd & 23rd May,2022nd and 25th March, 2013 14th June 2013 Prof. L.K.Vaswani & Prof.Sumita Sindhi
Trainers’ training program on Financial literacy and Credit Counseling (Organized by BIRD, Bolpur) 25th – 28th February, 2013 Prof.Sumita Sindhi
Management Development Programme (MDP) for Marketing Executives of Swornjyoti Women Poultry Cooperative Federation Ltd, Jeypore, Odisha 1st – 2nd December,2012 Prof. L.K. Vaswani
Rural Marketing Workshop for Young Professionals (YPs), Reliance Foundation, held at RIL, Nagpur 17th – 19th October, 2012 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
General Management Programme on Driving Individual & Organizational Change for MSSRF Participants 17th -22nd September, 2012 Prof. H.S.Ganesha
Training Needs Assessment Workshop for ICZM 14th-15th September, 2012 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Management Development Programme for Executives of Swornjyoti Poultry Cooperative Ltd. Odisha 27th – 29th August,2012 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Management Development Programme for Executives of Patneswari Agricultural Cooperative Ltd. (PACL), Koraput, Odisha (Harsha Trust) 28th – 30th May, 2012 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Workshop on Documenting Case Studies for Cereal System Initiative South Asia (CSISA) 13th – 14th March, 2012 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Regional Co-operative Research Seminar for Asia-Pacific, KSRM, 2011 22nd – 24th July, 2011 Prof.L.K.Vaswani
Induction Program of RJ Group, Aurangabad 31st May – 3rd June, 2011 Prof.L.K.Vaswani & Prof. Nandini Sen
FAO – APRACA International Training Program on Agricultural Value Chain Finance April 26 – 30, 2011 Prof. Prasun Ku. Das
Improving Managerial Effectiveness for Senior and Middle Level Managers 3rd to 13th February, 2011 Prof. L.K.Vaswani & Prof. Nandini Sen
Analytical Skills for Fertilizer Marketing Personnel 9th July 2010 Prof.L.K.Vaswani
Skill Development of Rural Youth 13th May – 1st June, 2010 Prof Nandini Sen
Training Of Trainers on Eco-restoration of Mangroves & Local livelihood Development 7th – 10th April, 2010 Prof. L.K.Vaswani
Workshop on “Financing Agricultural Value Chain” 26th – 30th April, 2010 Prof. Prasun Das
MDP on Livelihoods and Governance 21st – 24th December, 2009 Prof.B.S. Mishra & Prof. Kalika Mohapatra
MDP on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change 9th – 13th November, 2009 Prof. Kalika Mohapatra
E Registration Services 8th – 11th May, 2009 Prof Venkatakrishnan
Building Human Resources for the Microfinance Sector 5th February, 2009 Prof. Prasun Ku. Das
Group Monitoring Workshop, Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (DST) 14th – 16th November, 2007 Prof. L.K.Vaswani