People at  KSRM

People at KSRM include the faculty, non-teaching staff and students. KSRM has a unique team of staff with talent from diverse disciplines. The diversity of people is the real strength of KSRM as it encourages creativity and innovative approaches.

The KSRM team is headed by the Honourable Director, Prof. L. K. Vaswani. Right from the time of inception, Prof. L. K. Vaswani, with his vast experience both in industry and academics, has given dynamic leadership to KSRM. His visionary leadership has ensured the right professional climate and culture at KSRM, which in turn has lead to the total engagement of every staff of KSRM for the progress of the school. Attracting and nurturing the right talent from across the country by the director has ensured discipline driven positive climate, which is conducive for the proper grooming of future managers and leaders for sustainable rural development.

The teaching staff comprise of talented and committed faculties from different parts of the country. Majority of the faculty members have industry experience with diverse organizations, both Indian and MNCs as well as doctoral level academic qualification. The faculty team which constitutes a rare talent pool is having expertise in diverse areas which cover critical areas of Rural Management. This very rare pool of full time in-house faculty is providing thought leadership in the area of sustainable rural management for future managers, current practitioners and policy makers at regional and national level. Beyond teaching, the faculty engages with few students assigned to them as mentees and ensures their total transformation into an ethical professional who will be an asset for the industry and society after they complete the program.

The nonteaching staff also consists of members from different parts of the country. Majority of them have extensive experience in their job and are highly service oriented. Their professional outlook and commitment of the non-teaching staff ensures the smooth running of the school and all its activities like teaching, consulting, training and research.